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     As I struggle to get around having regular visits from a cleaning company is really important and the guys from Elmers End Carpet Cleaning Company are always helping with odd bits around the house which I really appreciate.
Doris Knightly22/01/2018
     I wanted to have a new lawn put in and I wasn't sure of how to go about it. When the gardeners were done, they didn't take all their mess along with them which meant that I was left looking for a cleaning company. When I met the team from Carpet Cleaning Services Elmers End, they were incredible and I was super happy that I had come across them. I will use your services again.
Sibyl M.01/12/2015
     I have recently hired several cleaning firms on a trial basis to see who could do the best job. I weighed them up on cost, how flexible they were, the thoroughness of the job, the friendliness of the staff and more. After tallying the results, ElmersEndCarpetCleaners were clearly the best. They ranked highly in all of these categories as they provided an excellent cleaning service that saw all stains and mess banished, and the staff were polite, experiment and processional. I received a good deal because of the free quotes they provided and got more than my money's worth. 10/10.
Gilda Burrows20/06/2014

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